martes, 21 de julio de 2009

Bulletin of the History of Archaeology

About the Bulletin

The Bulletin of the History of Archaeology (BHA) was inaugurated nearly 19 years ago as a forum to exchange research, information on on-going projects, and resources solely devoted to the history of archaeology. The BHA grew out an acknowledged interest in the history of archaeology by many archaeological practioners and the plan for the BHA was hatched after a meeting between Douglas Givens, Alice B. Kehoe, and Donald McVicker in Chicago in 1990. The idea of the BHA was well received during an Advanced Seminar on Writing the History of Archaeology which as held at the School of American Research (Santa Fe, New Mexico) during the summer of 1992. Since that time, the BHA has enjoyed a growing following and many scholars and interested researchers from many disciplines have sought out the BHA as one of the primary sources of up-to-date work know going on in the history of archaeology.

Originally conceived as an international forum for the exchange of information related to the history of archaeology, the BHA sought to involve on its editorial board scholars from around the world who were devoting some of their time to the writing of the history of archaeology. Such a diverse set of interests in many facets of the history of archaeology has led the BHA over the years to expand its coverage of the history of archaeological practice outside the United States.

Longer contributions to the BHA are refereed but the rest of the journal remains a forum for the exchange of ideas and information relating to the work conducted for being conducted in the history of archaeology. The readership of the BHA is the fundamental source of information as to the state of writing the history of archaeology and contributions are always encouraged.

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