viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2007

Conferencia en conmemoración del 50 aniversario de la Muerte de Gordon Childe

On 19 October it will be the 50th anniversary of Childe's death. For
this reason, the History of Archaeology Research Grouping in Durham,
with the financial help of the Prehistoric Society is organising a
conference on Childe on Saturday, 1st December

Title of conference: "Childe fifty years after"
Date: Saturday, 1st December 2007
Venue: Archaeology Department; Dawson Building, Durham University (No 41)
No registration needed. No fee to pay
Organised by: Prehistoric Society, History of Archaeology Research
Grouping Durham University, AREA project

for further information please contact:
Margarita Díaz-Andreu


Coffee (9.30 am)
10.00 am Introductory remarks


10.15 am Prof. Jacek Lech (Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw):
V. Gordon Childe: an archaeologist looks at History

11.00 am Prof. Timothy Champion (University of Southampton):
Childe and Oxford (provisional title)

Coffee break (11.30-12 noon)

12 noon Prof Ian Ralston (University of Edinburgh): Gordon Childe - the
Edinburgh years

12.30 pm Prof David Harris (UCL): Childe at the London Institute of

1.00 pm Dr Díaz-Andreu (Durham University): The international context
of Childe´s reception


3.00 pm Dr John Chapman (Durham University): "The Danube in [settlement]
prehistory" - 80 years on

3.30 pm Prof. Elzbieta Jastrzebowska (Accademia Polacca di
Roma): Gordon Childe and Late Classical Antiquity

4.00 pm Prof. Robin Coningham & Mr Mark Manuel (Durham University):
Willing subordination in the Indus

Coffee break (4.30-4.45 pm)

4.45 pm Prof. Rowley-Conwy (Durham University): Culture, System,
Context: What goes around, comes around

5.15 pm Mr Peter Gathercole (Darwin College, Cambridge): Childe and the
Sociology of Knowledge

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