domingo, 22 de septiembre de 2013

Convocatoria del 17º Premio «L’ERMA» di BRETSCHNEIDER

Nuestra socia Gloria Mora nos nos anima a participar en los premios L'Erma. Estas son las normas y condiciones:

1. The 17th «L’ERMA» di BRETSCHNEIDER AWARD is hereby announced. The award, in honour of Max Bretschneider, the founder in 1896 of the publishing house and bookshop, is granted to the author of an academic work.
2. Works competing for the award must be of scientific nature concerning:
prehistoric, classical, oriental or medieval archaeology.
3. There is no charge for participation in the competition. An author may enter one or more unpublished works written in English, Italian, German, French, or Spanish. The works entered (monographies, no short articles) for the award must be typewritten and sent to the secretary,
«L’ERMA» di BRETSCHNEIDER Award, P.O. Box 6192 - 00193 Rome - Italy, before October 31, 2013.
4. The author’s name must not appear in the typescripts. All typescripts must be marked with a code word or number and accompanied by an envelope, marked with the same code, containing the author’s name, address, and signature.
5. A jury of Italian and foreign university professors of the subjects listed above will examine and judge the entries. The jury may refuse to confer the award if it considers that no work of sufficient merit has been presented. The jury’s decision is final.
6. The winner will be awarded with the publication of the work presented to the committee, with all the necessary editorial adjustments. The volume will also be distributed and promoted throughout the international scholarly world through «L’ERMA» di BRETSCHNEIDER’s yearly catalogues and website.
7. Other works, in addition to the winner, which the jury considers to have particular merit may also be published at the discretion of «L’ERMA» di BRETSCHNEIDER.
8. Participation in the competition implies that authors consent to have their works published either in one book or in one of the journals published by «L’ERMA» di BRETSCHNEIDER.
9. Works which fail to win the award and which «L’ERMA» di BRETSCHNEIDER is unable to publish will remain property of the authors. None of the texts submitted will be returned, and authors are therefore asked not to attach any original material (e.g. photos, plans, etc.) but only documents in the form of copies or photocopies.

Rome, July 2013

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